Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stream video of games, events

As parents, we want to be there for our children. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. But you don't have to miss a moment of their life events. Tech tools will bring the game or the play to you.
If you are stuck at the office, just turn on a computer or grab a smart phone. Or share the game with family members in other cities. Find links to sites and apps mentioned at

Youth Sports Live: Youth Sports Live partners with baseball and softball leagues. It installs webcams on the playing fields. You can watch your child's games online for $15 monthly. Some are available live, but most games are on-demand. Video cannot be downloaded; you can buy a DVD of a game for $20.

Youth Sports Live has webcams at more than 60 sites. It plans to cover other sports soon. Your child's team must sign up with Youth Sports Live. Teams pay nothing to join and get 15 percent of subscription revenue and DVD sales.

GameChanger: Game Changer is a free scorekeeping and statistics management app for the iPhone. It allows you to follow baseball and softball games from afar with play-by-play updates. A parent or coach must enter plays in the app. This is as easy as tapping or dragging on the screen.

Live updates are posted to the team's page on GameChanger's site. That includes live scores, box scores and basic season statistics, in addition to plays. Fans can also get updates via text message or e-mail.

GameChanger is free for up to three team administrators. Basic stats are free on the team's home page. For play-by-play streaming and advanced stats, you'll pay $10 a season. Player activity e-mail alerts and all text alerts cost another $10.

Knocking Live Video: The Knocking Live Video app is free for the iPhone and Android smart phones. Start the app and select a contact to share with. He or she must also have the app installed. When your contact accepts your request, the phone becomes a remote camera. You get live video and audio for free.

Knocking Live Video plans an update so you can share with multiple people. You can't record the video.

Qik: The Qik app ($3) is available for the iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry. It lets you share live video on a personal page on Qik's site. Share pre-recorded video via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other sites. Or send it via e-mail or text messaging.

Just start the app and point your camera at the game. Qik is free for personal use.

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