Sunday, June 20, 2010

Nashville rising stars: NEXT UP RACHEL BELL

Age: 32
Company/title: Bell & Kinslow PLLC, managing partner and owner; Pinnacle Title & Escrow LLC, chief operating officer and closing attorney

Background: Dad is in commercial real estate, and mom is principal at Cameron Middle School. Bell played college basketball at Auburn University and the University of Memphis, where she graduated from law school in 2004.

Career path: She initially hoped to be in-house counsel for a pro basketball team but now is a solo practitioner and recently added a partner. Her entrepreneurially minded father talked her into flying solo in business. "I feel like actually I've been given a greater opportunity to not only have a job that pays the bills but also to create jobs."

Professional mistake: At first, Bell opened up several offices within the first couple of years in business. "That was not very smart. It's very difficult to open a practice and not be able to oversee or manage it, and allow other people to try to complete your vision."

Background you might not know: She grew up with juvenile diabetes and was featured on ABC's World News Tonight for successfully managing it as a young athlete. She now sponsors two scholarships, one for high school seniors with diabetes and the other for Bordeaux residents. She has them write essays on her two favorite sayings, which she has trademarked: "Control the controllable" and "Be great, not perfect."

Hobbies: She still plays basketball occasionally but spends more time on the golf course. "It's an awesome game to network. You're able to spend that uninterrupted time with somebody and foster a good relationship. Basketball is more hustle and bustle getting up and down the court."

Establishing a Lead TriadBell construction widens its scope