Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bethel University nursing program wins full approval

JACKSON, Tenn. — Bethel University's nursing program has been given full approval to operate, a major step for young nursing programs, said Mary Bess Griffith, program director.
"Many new programs are given conditional approval to allow them time to meet all state requirements for full approval," Griffith said in a news release. "That was where we have been for the past couple of years.

"Full approval says so much about our faculty and staff and our students," she said. "They have all worked very hard to make this moment possible."

Bethel representatives learned of the full approval during a visit to the Tennessee Board of Nursing meeting at the end of September.

"The state board was very complimentary of our staff and students and of what we have accomplished," Griffith said.

Another recent accomplishment for the Bethel nursing program was news that its May 2009 class had accomplished a 100 percent pass rate on the National Council Licensing Examination. It is the exam that all nursing graduates across the nation must pass to be licensed as registered nurses.

"The national pass rate is 89 percent," Griffith said. "So, Bethel's 100 percent pass rate says a lot about the caliber of our program. We're very proud about this accomplishment."

Bethel's bachelor of science in nursing degree program prepares graduates for entry-level positions in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings.

It also prepares them for advancement to a graduate degree program in nursing.

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